Yerbera - Tin Can + Yaguar Naranja Cherry Lady 500g


Ingredients: 90% yerba mate, ginger, hibiscus, cherry, rooibos, flavor (cherry)

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Indulge in Elegance with Yerba Mate Yaguar Cherry Lady 500g

Elevate your yerba mate experience with Yaguar Cherry Lady, a delightful blend that merges the richness of yerba mate with the sophistication of rooibos, affectionately known as red tea. This exquisite infusion is more than just a beverage; it's a journey into flavor harmony.

What Makes Yaguar Cherry Lady Special:

  1. Premium Yerba Mate: Yaguar takes pride in crafting high-quality yerba mate, honoring South American traditions. Grown in diverse ecosystems without pesticides, the leaves undergo a meticulous drying process for 18 months, resulting in a refined and smooth taste.

  2. Cherry Blossom Twist: Immerse yourself in the unique fusion of yerba mate and rooibos, where the robust character of the infusion is complemented by the sweet elegance of cherry. It's a delightful dance of flavors that adds a touch of sophistication to each sip.

  3. Hibiscus Bloom: The addition of hibiscus flowers brings a floral note to the blend, creating a refreshing and vibrant profile. It's a subtle yet impactful element that contributes to the overall complexity of the infusion.

  4. Ginger Spice: To complete this symphony of flavors, a hint of ginger adds a warm and spicy undertone. It's the perfect finishing touch that enhances the depth of the composition.

Why Choose Yaguar Cherry Lady:

  • Distinctive Flavor Profile: Yaguar Cherry Lady stands out with its well-balanced fusion of yerba mate, rooibos, and enticing flavors. It's a taste adventure like no other.

  • Natural Goodness: Crafted without artificial additives, Yaguar prioritizes the pure essence of ingredients, providing a yerba mate experience that's both authentic and refined.

  • Elevate Your Tea Time: Whether you're a yerba mate enthusiast or a tea connoisseur, Yaguar Cherry Lady is a sophisticated choice for moments of relaxation and indulgence.

Indulge in the extraordinary with Yerba Mate Yaguar Cherry Lady 500g – a celebration of flavor, tradition, and elegance in every sip.