Yerbera - Tin Can + Verde Mate Very Strawberry 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, strawberry, lemongrass, rose petals, and natural aromas.

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Verde Mate Very Strawberry 500g: A Berrylicious Yerba Mate Delight! 🍓🍵

Indulge in the vibrant symphony of flavors with Verde Mate Green Very Strawberry, a fruity yerba mate hailing from the heart of Brazil. This delightful fusion captures the essence of aromatic and subtly sweet strawberries, harmoniously complemented by the fresh and gently tangy notes of lemongrass. Adding to the orchestrated blend are rose petals, imparting an ethereal touch to the mix. However, the true star of this captivating flavor variation is the strawberry, constituting a generous 12% of the blend. It takes center stage, offering an authentic and intense strawberry experience. If you're in search of a natural energy boost in a genuinely fruity form, reach for Verde Mate Very Strawberry and relish in the best nature has to offer!


  • 83% Yerba Mate: The foundation of the blend, providing robust flavor and natural energy.
  • 12% Strawberry: The star of the show, delivering a burst of authentic strawberry goodness.
  • Lemongrass: Introducing a fresh and gently tangy layer.
  • Rose Petals: Offering an ethereal touch.
  • Natural Aromas: Elevating the overall profile with natural essences.

Flavor Profile:

Verde Mate Very Strawberry unfolds a delightful medley of flavors, with the prominent taste of fresh strawberries taking the lead. The subtle tanginess of lemongrass and the ethereal notes from rose petals contribute to a well-balanced and refreshing yerba mate experience.

Savor the Berrylicious Magic:

Embark on a sensory journey with Verde Mate Very Strawberry – a celebration of the luscious and sweet essence of strawberries, harmonized with the invigorating power of yerba mate. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, this blend promises a berrylicious adventure for your taste buds! 🍓🍵