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Yerbera – Tin can + Verde Mate Mas IQ 500g


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Yerbera is a must have for every yerba mate fan! It’s a tin can equipped with a special dispenser that allows to conveniently pour the yerba mate into matero. The tight closing of the tin protects leaves from external conditions keep yerba mate fresh longer. Inside you will find your favorite yerba mate Mas IQ. After emptying the can, you can keep herbs, tea or other yerba mate in it. We highly recommend it!  Verde Mate Mas IQ is an unusual blend of green yerba mate tea, herbs and fruits. Thanks to its unique composition, it will not only provide you with natural caffeine boost but also support brain functioning. Among the ingredients you’ll find ginseng that helps improve memory and ginkgo biloba to support concentration. Verde Mate Mas IQ will be a perfect choice for those who value original taste and health benefits. Verde Mate Mas IQ is popular especially among college students and people with intellectual work.