Yerba Mate Yaguar Energia Guarana 500g -

Yerba Mate Yaguar Energia Guarana 500g


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Yaguar Energia Guarana is a flavor variation that will be the perfect choice for those seeking a strongly stimulating yerba mate. In addition to the leaves, it contains ground guarana fruit. Importantly, guarana blends perfectly with the savory accents of Paraguayan holly. Yaguar Energia Guarana is a yerba mate of the highest quality, produced in accordance with centuries-old South American tradition. It is made from holly leaves grown in a diverse ecosystem without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or other chemical plant protection agents. After harvest, the leaves and stems undergo a traditional drying process using smoke. However, Yaguar is far from products known for their strong bitter accents. This is thanks to its long seasoning period, which lasts an impressive 18 months. During this time, the leaves acquire nobility, and the various botanical elements harmonize perfectly. Despite its mild taste, yerba mate is characterized by a high content of natural caffeine.