Yerba Mate Yaguar Energia Guarana 500g -

Yerba Mate Yaguar Energia Guarana 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, guarana powder, natural aroma(mango)

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Yerba Mate Yaguar Energia Guarana 500g

Ready for a yerba mate that kicks tradition up a notch? Meet Yaguar Energia Guarana, the real deal in South American mate crafted without the fuss. No pesticides, no shortcuts—just good ol' tradition.

What sets it apart? The secret's in the seasoning. Yaguar takes its sweet time—18 months to be exact. The result? A yerba mate that's not just caffeine-packed but a blend of flavors that play together like a symphony.

Looking for a jolt? The Energia Guarana blend is your go-to. It's got ground guarana in the mix, dancing with the robust notes of Paraguayan holly.

Taste Talk:

Think mild vibes of Argentine tradition with a fruity twist of guarana. Brew it, sip it—fresh, invigorating, and just what you need. Want a chill vibe? Pour it over ice.

What's Inside:

Yerba mate with stems, a bit of dust, ground guarana, and a dash of natural mango flavor.

Elevate your mate game with Yaguar Energia Guarana. Tradition meets a flavor fiesta in every sip. Let the journey begin!