Yerba Mate Vakapi Monster El Fuego 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, guarana, guayusa and catuava

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Experience the Fire Within with Yerba Mate Vakapi Monster El Fuego

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary yerba mate experience like no other, introducing "Vakapi Monster El Fuego." Ignite your senses with this exceptional blend, meticulously crafted for those who seek an energetic boost like never before.

Note: Vakapi Monster El Fuego Seleccion Especial packs a massive energy punch. We recommend consuming it in moderation—maximum daily dose: 15 grams of dry yerba mate.

Key Features:

1. Quadruple Power Punch: From the very first pour to the last drop, Vakapi Monster El Fuego delivers an unparalleled surge of energy. This blend is exclusively designed for the most ardent mate enthusiasts.

2. Highly Recommended For:

  • Highly Active Individuals: Whether you're into sports, games, or a demanding work routine, this yerba mate is your ideal companion.
  • Intense Learning and Focus: Enhance your concentration and mental acuity while studying or working.
  • Well-Rounded Performance: It's your go-to mate for physical activities and workouts.
  • Gaming: Elevate your gaming experience with a sip of this powerhouse.
  • Energy Enthusiasts: This is for you if you value healthy and invigorating stimulation.

Untamed Power and Indigenous Ache Magic:

Vakapi Monster El Fuego Especial is the epitome of authentic Paraguayan yerba mate. Comprising finely cut leaves, generous sticks, and a dash of dust, it embodies the true magic and strength of this herbal marvel. As you brew, a distinctive smoky aroma fills the air, evoking campfires and tropical wilderness. Even after the second and third infusion, the aroma remains vivid.

In terms of taste, it's a journey into depth. The infusion remains intense, pleasantly bitter, and smoky, yet perfectly balanced, even after 5 or 6 refills. The stimulating power of caffeine is evident from the very first sip. Upon opening the package, you'll first notice a characteristic "woody" scent, reminiscent of resinous, tropical campfires.


  • Yerba mate (Ilex paraguariensis) - Origin: Paraguay. The highest-quality yerba mate with leaves, sticks, and noticeable dust. It's dried with a distinct smokiness that lingers in every infusion.
  • Guarana Fruit: Dried and powdered, originating from South America. This fruit possesses robust stimulating properties and pairs wonderfully with Paraguayan holly.
  • Ilex Guayusa: Leaves sourced from Ecuador's equatorial forests, part of the holly genus. Known for its aromatic qualities and traditional use among indigenous tribes during hunts.
  • Catuava: It offers a mildly bitter and woody flavor. However, this doesn't diminish its ability to enhance the strength of infusions. Used for thousands of years by the Tupi indigenous tribes.