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Yerba Mate Green Dual Pleasure 400g


Ingredients: yerba mate, ground-ivy fruit, pomegranate seeds, angelica root, damiana leaf, maca root, natural mango aroma

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Yerba Mate Green Dual Pleasure 400g: Unleash the Unique Blend

The Lowdown:

Not your regular yerba mate – it's a game-changer. Mate Green Dual Pleasure is the real deal, a power-packed combo of Brazilian yerba mate and some extraordinary herbs. It's not just a drink; it's an experience.

Why it Rocks:

Straight from wild, sun-kissed plantations in Brazil, this yerba mate is a powerhouse! No allergens, no soy, no nuts – just pure energy. Perfect for the techies, medical pros, artists, students, drivers, and gamers. Your turn to level up!

Aromatically Exceptional:

This yerba mate isn't just a flavor; it's an aroma extravaganza. The scent lingers through multiple infusions. Packed with yerba mate and a dash of potent herbs: ground-ivy, maca root, pomegranate seeds, Damiana leaf, and angelica root.

Born Wild:

Grown in pristine, untouched forest areas with naturally rich soil. Handpicked and hand-packed, maintaining that vibrant green color. A full-sized 400g pack for the true enthusiasts.

The Goodness Inside:

  • Vibrant green yerba mate, air-dried for that authentic flavor.
  • Ground-ivy – aromatic and slightly bitter.
  • Maca root – sweet and spicy, revered by the ancients.
  • Pomegranate seeds – adds a tangy twist.
  • Damiana leaf – subtly bitter, a perfect mate to other herbs.
  • Angelica root – the herbal angel with an intriguing, spicy taste.
  • Natural aromas – none of the harmful synthetic stuff.

Taste and Aroma:

Expect nothing less than exceptional. The perfect blend promises an energizing and flavorful experience. Highly recommended!

The Dry Facts:

Carefully selected, cut, and green yerba mate leaves – chunky, 5mm pieces. Sourced from clean plantations and meticulously chosen. Enhanced with the natural aroma of mango.