Yerba Mate Green Dragon Fruit 500g


Ingredients: vilcacora (cat's claw) dragon fruit, Peruvian maca, Siberian ginseng, mint, blackcurrant, chokeberry and natural flavors

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Introducing Mate Green Dragon Fruit: Where Exotic Meets Refreshing!

🌵 Dive into a world of tropical delight with our Mate Green Dragon Fruit! 🌺

Get ready for a yerba mate experience like no other. Imagine the lush green leaves of the mighty holly (yerba mate) mingling with the essence of dragon fruit, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. And yes, you can even brew it with a splash of cold water – perfect for those scorching summer days!

Taste the Adventure:

Sip into the flavorful mix of dragon fruit and Peruvian maca, backed by the powerhouse duo of yerba mate and Siberian ginseng. It's not just a yerba mate; it's a carnival of taste that'll make your palate do the samba!

Chill Mode Activated:

Feeling the heat? No worries! With ice cubes, cold juice, or just plain water, our Mate Green Dragon Fruit transforms into the coolest sidekick for your summer escapades. Refreshment guaranteed!

A Symphony of Goodness:

Selected, cut, and packed with care, our green mate leaves are the heart of this blend. Natural additives enhance the brew, creating a melody of flavors that's simply irresistible.

Ingredients for the Win:

  • Yerba mate from the sunny hills of Brazil (95%)
  • Dragon fruit for that exotic twist (1%)
  • Peruvian maca and Siberian ginseng for the power punch
  • A hint of mint, blackcurrant, and chokeberry for that extra zing
  • Natural aromas to elevate the experience

Why Choose Mate Green Dragon Fruit?

For all the budding mate enthusiasts out there, this blend is your passport to yerba mate paradise. Unleash its potential, embrace the vibrant taste, and let the adventure begin. Highly recommended for those who crave a delightful escape!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a gourd, prepare your bombilla, and let Mate Green Dragon Fruit take you on a journey of flavor and fun! 🌈✨