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Yerba Mate Green Bio Floresta 400g


Power: 🔥🔥🔥🔥(4/5)
Ingredients: yerba mate, lemon balm, elderflower, blackthorn fruit, hawthorn fruit and natural aroma

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Yerba Mate Green Bio Floresta 400g: Nature's Strong Brew

Discover the untamed spirit of Yerba Mate Green Bio Floresta—a mate that speaks the language of clean, ecological plantations. No corporate fuss, just pure, robust goodness.

About Yerba Mate Green Bio Floresta:

Sourced from pristine, ecological plantations, this yerba mate is a testament to nature's purity. Forget the dust; revel in the embrace of 95% large leaves and a touch of 5% small sticks. This blend is more than yerba mate; it's an experience crafted by the earth.

A Symphony of Nature's Bounty:

Enter a world where organically grown herbs dance in harmony. Dried lemon balm, elderflower, blackthorn fruit, and hawthorn fruit join forces, creating a blend that transcends the ordinary. It's not just yerba mate; it's a celebration of nature's palette.

Character, Taste, and Aroma:

Yerba Mate Green Bio Floresta is not your average mate. It's bold, with a distinct character, delivering a strong taste and aroma that resonate with the essence of the earth. If you crave robust flavors and desire a fruity awakening, your mate journey finds its companion.

Organic Bliss:

This yerba mate is not just a brew; it's a commitment to purity. Cultivated without pesticides, nurtured in unsterilized soil, it embodies the true spirit of organic mate. It's not a product; it's a testament to the best form of mate.

Indulge in the raw, unbridled essence of Yerba Mate Green Bio Floresta—a sip is not just a sip; it's a journey through the untouched landscapes of nature.