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Yerba Mate El Pajaro GUARANA 400g


Ingredients: yerba mate, guarana powder, natural aromas

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Yerba Mate El Pajaro Guarana 400g: A Burst of Paraguayan Power!

Get ready for a powerhouse experience with Yerba Mate El Pajaro Guarana! This is not your average yerba mate—it's a mega-strong blend of Paraguayan yerba mate infused with powdered guarana fruit.

About El Pajaro Guarana:

The foundation of El Pajaro Guarana is high-quality Paraguayan elaborada, a blend of leaves, particles, and small twigs of Paraguayan holly (ilex paraguariensis). It boasts an intense flavor with a distinct touch of bitterness. The well-integrated natural lime aroma perfectly complements the elaborada notes. El Pajaro Guarana is a potent and thirst-quenching brew. The dried yerba mate leaves used in this devilishly strong product are exported to many plantations in Paraguay, including Pajarito. The added powdered guarana fruits, naturally occurring in the Amazon basin and Pary (Brazil), are a valuable resource. Familiarly called guarana from the bitter-tart drink made from its seeds, its name originates from the Guarani tribe. The properties of this plant have long been known to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, who use it in various forms to enhance physical and mental performance, especially during increased effort.

Flavor and Aroma:

The taste is as fresh as the aroma, quite robust, with a bitter-tart kick. Perfectly balanced. The bitterness of Paraguayan holly and the bitter-tart taste of guarana are wonderfully softened by the natural lime aroma, making this blend not only invigorating but also wonderfully refreshing. Each infusion tempts with its aroma and captivates with its good taste. With a few brews, you'll still feel the aftertaste. Like all El Pajaro blends, thanks to a base of leaves from traditionally cultivated bushes, it retains its strength for up to 6 infusions. Remember that the second and third infusions are optimal, with the first and last having the least intense flavor.

Yerba Mate Blend:

  • Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) 98% - Country of Origin: Paraguay
  • Powdered Guarana 2%
  • Natural Lime Aroma

Experience the authentic Paraguayan power with El Pajaro Guarana—nature's energy boost!