Yerba Mate El Pajaro Cactus 400g


Ingredients: yerba mate, lemongrass, cactus powder, natural aromas

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Yerba Mate El Pajaro Cactus 400g - A Refreshing Burst of the Exotic

Exotic Flavor Fusion

Dive into the exotic with Yerba Mate El Pajaro Cactus! This energizing blend combines robust Paraguayan yerba mate with the refreshing taste of prickly pear cactus and the delightful aroma of lemon grass. Ideal for those who enjoy strong yerba mate with a twist, it’s a tropical escape in every sip.

Perfect for Terere

El Pajaro Cactus isn't just for hot brews. It’s perfect for making terere, the cold, refreshing infusion that’s a lifesaver during scorching summer days. Whether you enjoy it hot or cold, this yerba mate promises a celestial refreshment. The taste is relatively mild, ensuring that every cup offers a soothing experience.

Bold Taste and Aroma

Expect a robust, bold flavor with El Pajaro Cactus. The strong, bitter notes of yerba mate are gently balanced by the lighter, herbal hints from the cactus and lemon grass. This harmonious blend is perfect for both warm and cool days, consistently enticing you with its distinctive scent and pronounced taste. Even after multiple infusions, the flavor remains potent, making it a versatile choice for any yerba mate lover.

Premium Blend

Yerba Mate El Pajaro Cactus features:

  • High-quality Yerba Mate: Made from carefully selected leaves and stems, with minimal dust.
  • Cactus Powder: Adds a unique, refreshing element to the blend.
  • Lemon Grass Pieces: Infuse a subtle, citrusy freshness.


  • Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis): 98% - Sourced from Paraguay.
  • Powdered Cactus: 1%.
  • Lemon Grass: 1%.

Consistent Quality

El Pajaro Cactus maintains its strength through up to six infusions, with the second and third brews being the most flavorful. The blend’s base, made from traditionally grown yerba mate bushes, ensures that the taste and potency are preserved with every brew.

Discover the Sunshine in Every Sip

Yerba Mate El Pajaro Cactus 400g brings you a taste of the exotic. Whether you’re an experienced mate drinker or a curious newcomer, this blend offers a unique, refreshing twist on the traditional yerba mate experience. Embrace the bold flavors and let the vibrant, tropical notes brighten your