mate el fuego 500g -

Yerba Mate El Fuego 500g


Power: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥(6/5)
Ingredients: yerba mate, guayusa, guarana

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Yerba Mate El Fuego 500g: Unleash the Wild Fire!

Ready for a triple dose of pure energy? El Fuego Energia Guarana is not your average yerba mate—it's smoky, intense, and seriously invigorating. This Paraguayan mate is blended with guayusa, an Ecuadorian herb packing up to 4% caffeine. As if that's not enough, it also boasts the power-packed guarana fruit. El Fuego Energia Guarana is yerba mate for the bold!

About El Fuego Yerba Mate:

Straight from the plantations in Itapúa, on the border with Argentina, El Fuego brings you the best-selected leaves and twigs of Paraguayan holly. Full of vitamins and minerals, these leaves, after processing, carry a unique, deep, smoky aroma. Smoky, dusty, intense, with a bold and bitter kick—this is the essence of Paraguayan yerba mate. El Fuego is a treat for true connoisseurs who aren't afraid of the bitter, robust taste, smoked with the essence of wood. Produced using the traditional barbacuá method, involving drying Paraguayan holly with fire and smoke. It releases its enormous power with every sip, and the efficient leaves continue to delight with an organic taste even after multiple brews.

Feel the Power in the Wild Fire!

El Fuego stands as one of the most stimulating yerba mates on the market. In its bitter taste and smoky aroma lies true strength! Each serving provides a healthy boost, thanks to the natural caffeine in Paraguayan holly. Produced according to the traditional barbacuá method, originating from the Guarani Indians, which involves drying the holly with fire and smoke. Each El Fuego pack contains the most exceptional, carefully selected leaves and twigs of Paraguayan holly. Finely cut, accompanied by dust—typical of authentic Paraguayan yerba mate. The extended seasoning time lasts a whopping 24 months, during which El Fuego gains its strength! Devoid of unnecessary additives and artificial flavors. It's nature itself! El Fuego is yerba mate for experienced mate enthusiasts, connoisseurs of bitter, smoky yerb, expecting a strong kick and a high-quality product.


  • 91% yerba mate with stems and dust.
  • 5% Ilex guayusa.
  • 4% guarana.

Get ready to experience the wild fire with El Fuego Yerba Mate—nature's powerhouse!