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Yerba Mate Curupira Cherry Berry 500g


Power: 🔥🔥🔥🔥(4/5)
Ingredients: toasted yerba mate, lemon verbena, cherry, red tea pur-erh, chamomile, senna, mint, milfoil, horsetail

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Yerba Mate Curupira CHERRY BERRY 500g

Discover Yerba mate like never before with Curupira CHERRY BERRY, found deep beyond the Iguazu Falls, amidst wild tropical forests. It's your natural caffeine fix, whether you're starting your mate journey or need an energy boost with a tropical twist.

Curupira is a two-toned mate, kissed by traditional barbacua smoke for that unique depth you won't find elsewhere. No bitterness here—just a bold brew for the techies, medical pros, artists, students, drivers, and gamers. Your turn!

Curupira CHERRY BERRY Highlights:

  • Two-tone mate with a smoky aroma and a hint of cocoa from the second steep.
  • Green mate leaves without stems or dust, mingled with cherry bits, shimmering horsetail stems, and the aromatic duo of lemon verbena and sweet chamomile.
  • An herbal symphony featuring the essence of red pu-erh tea and the potent herb, yarrow.

Why Choose Curupira CHERRY BERRY:

  • A caffeine punch in every cup, naturally.
  • Smooth, noble taste with a hint of barely noticeable bitterness.
  • Packed with valuable nutrients and micronutrients.
  • Quality rooted in years of experience and tradition.
  • Harvested from wild, untouched yerba plantations, thriving in mineral-rich soil.
  • Original zip-lock packaging ensures every opening is as aromatic as the first.

What's Inside:

  • Premium yerba mate 
  • 2% cherry fruit for sweetness and aroma.
  • 2% lemon verbena for a tropical kick.
  • Red pu-erh tea for a deep, earthy element.
  • Chamomile flowers for delicate sweetness.
  • Yarrow herb for a hint of bitterness.
  • Horsetail stems for a coppery tone.
  • Mint leaves for joy and freshness.
  • Catuaba for a touch of ancient aphrodisiac magic.
  • Natural aromas for a safe, authentic fragrance.

Indulge in the tasteful universe of Yerba mate with Curupira CHERRY BERRY. Taste the wild side!