Yerba Mate Canarias 1kg


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Yerba Mate Canarias 1g: Unleash the Powerhouse of Bold Flavor and Energizing Effects!

Dive into the world of Canarias, the powerhouse yerba mate from Brazil that's been capturing hearts and palates in Uruguay and beyond.

Why Canarias Stands Out:

  • Unique Growth and Drying Process: Grown in Brazil and dried over fire, Canarias boasts a distinctive taste and aroma that sets it apart. Aged for 4-6 months, it matures into a yerba mate that's ready to astonish.

  • Intense Aroma: The moment you open the bag, Canarias releases a pungent and rich fragrance. Earthy, with notes of fresh hay, citrus, and a hint of smoke, it transforms into nuttiness and sweetness when brewed, creating an aromatic experience like no other.

  • Bold and Rich Taste: Canarias delivers a taste that's stronger, fuller, and richer than many popular Argentinian or Paraguayan mates. It starts with a robust combination of soil, earth, and hay, evolving into hearty notes of bread, oats, roasted nuts, and a delightful touch of milk chocolate and peanut butter.

  • Smooth and Balanced: Despite its boldness, Canarias maintains a surprising smoothness and balance. The bitterness is well-managed, making it approachable even for those new to yerba mate.

  • Creamy Texture: Experience a unique creamy texture that persists throughout the entire gourd. Initially heavy and slightly gritty, it gradually smoothens, offering a mouthfeel akin to heavy cream.

  • Long-lasting Cycle: Canarias boasts a long cycle, allowing you to savor its flavors over multiple refills. The classic Uruguayan cut, predominantly finely-cut leaves with minimal palos, contributes to this extended cycle.

  • Energizing Effects: Brace yourself for a jittery yet focused energy boost. Canarias is known to enhance concentration and focus, making it an excellent choice for productivity. It's your go-to pre-workout mate, ideal for mornings to kickstart your day.

Preparation Tips:

  • Canarias is best consumed around 68-77ºC, but experimentation with temperature is encouraged to discover personal preferences.

  • The classic Uruguayan cut consists mostly of leaves and dust. Opt for a spoon bombilla to prevent clogging issues and maintain a steady filtration.