Yerba Mate Cachamate Coco 500g


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Experience the Exquisite Flavor of Cachamate Coco Yerba Mate

At Yerba Fun, we're thrilled to introduce you to "Cachamate" Yerba Mate, a beloved and revered herbal brand in Argentina. With a legacy dating back to 1950, Cachamate has captured the hearts of Argentinians and yerba mate enthusiasts worldwide.

Key Features:

1. Coco Infusion: "Cachamate Coco" tantalizes your senses from the moment you open the package. The sweet and coconutty aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water. It's a blend of yerba mate leaves infused with poleo (pennyroyal), coconut shavings, and coconut flavoring.

2. Medium Cut with a Twist: "Cachamate" features a medium cut with pleasantly surprising large stems and a fair amount of dust. Notable are the yellow poleo stems and the finely scattered fragments of coconut, adding a unique touch to the blend.

3. Aroma: The dominant scent is the natural sweetness of coconut, followed by a subtle acidic herbal breeze. Once infused, it unveils an additional hint of smokiness from the yerba.

4. Flavor Journey: Prepare for a flavor adventure with "Cachamate." The initial sip carries a noticeable bitterness, which, beyond the typical bitterness of yerba mate and poleo, features hints reminiscent of coconut husk. Almost instantly, an herbal tanginess, quite intense, joins the scene, quickly giving way to the delightful sweetness of coconut. The finish brings you back to the nutty bitterness from the beginning, leaving a satisfying, slightly astringent sensation on your palate. With each subsequent infusion, the bitterness subsides, harmonizing with the other flavor notes.

Elevate Your Yerba Mate Journey: "Cachamate" Yerba Mate is more than just a beverage; it's an exploration of exquisite flavors and Argentine tradition. Its unique blend of coconut and herbal notes makes it a must-try for yerba mate enthusiasts.