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Yacuy Acai and Guarana 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, stevia, guarana, star anise, hibiscus, acai berries and mint

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Yacuy Acai and Guarana Yerba Mate 500g: Unleash Natural Energy and Flavor Extravaganza! 🌿🍇

Elevate your yerba mate experience with the Yacuy Acai and Guarana blend, a harmonious fusion of powerful natural herbs packed with energy and vitality. This unique yerba mate blend boasts a new formula featuring a greater variety of natural herbs and larger leaves, delivering an unparalleled taste experience that's 100% approved by yerba mate enthusiasts.


  • Stevia: A natural sugar substitute, safe for diabetics, adding sweetness without the calories.

  • Guarana: Known for its stimulating properties, guarana enhances alertness and energy levels.

  • Star Anise: Imparts a hint of licorice flavor, contributing to the blend's unique and complex taste.

  • Hibiscus: Packed with antioxidants, hibiscus lends a vibrant color and refreshing tartness.

  • Acai Berries: A superfood, acai berries bring a rich, fruity flavor and are renowned for their antioxidant content.

  • Mint: Refreshing and invigorating, mint adds a cool and herbal dimension to the blend.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Natural Energy: Yacuy Acai and Guarana Yerba Mate is a natural powerhouse, providing sustained energy and heightened alertness.

  • Versatile Preparation: Enjoy the blend with hot or cold water, catering to your preference and mood. It's the perfect choice for any season or occasion.

  • Vacuum-Packed Freshness: Each package is vacuum-sealed to preserve maximum freshness and flavor, ensuring a delightful yerba mate experience every time.

  • Unsmoked and Fair Trade: Yacuy takes pride in offering an unsmoked, fair-trade yerba mate blend, promoting ethical and sustainable practices.

Health Benefits:

  • Antioxidant Boost: Acai berries and hibiscus contribute antioxidants, supporting overall health.

  • Metabolic Support: Guarana may aid metabolism and provide a natural energy boost.

  • Sugar-Free Sweetness: Stevia serves as a healthy, sugar-free sweetener, ideal for those monitoring their sugar intake.

Incredible Aroma of Bubble Gum:

Experience an enchanting aroma reminiscent of bubble gum, adding a playful and delightful touch to your yerba mate ritual.

Indulge in the rich flavors, enjoy it warm or cold, and relish the slow-release energy and numerous health benefits packed into every sip of Yacuy Acai and Guarana Yerba Mate! 🌿🍇