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Verde Mate Sarsaparilla 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, lemongrass, sarsaparilla root, marigold petals, mint, apple and natural aromas

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Verde Mate Sarsaparilla: Unleash the Unique Harmony of Yerba Mate and Sarsaparilla! ☕🌿

Experience the extraordinary with Verde Mate Sarsaparilla, a captivating blend of green Brazilian yerba mate and herbal infusions. This composition seamlessly combines a perfectly balanced bouquet of natural ingredients. The star of the show is the titular sarsaparilla, with its original, lightly spicy, and sweet aroma that occasionally hints at vanilla. Verde Mate Sarsaparilla not only provides an excellent energy boost but also promises a taste adventure like no other. Thanks to the air-dried yerba mate's mildness, it appeals to both beginners and seasoned mate enthusiasts.


  • 93.4% Yerba Mate (Air-Dried): The foundation of this blend offers a gentle and authentic yerba mate experience.
  • Lemongrass: Infusing a hint of citrusy freshness to the mix.
  • 1% Sarsaparilla Root: Unveiling its unique, lightly spicy, and sweet notes, contributing to a distinctive flavor.
  • Marigold Petals: Adding visual appeal and subtle floral undertones.
  • Mint: Elevating the freshness with a minty breeze.
  • Apple: Introducing a touch of sweetness.
  • Natural Aroma: Enhancing the overall profile with natural essence.

Flavor and Aroma:

Immediately after infusion, a gentle spice intertwines with sweet notes, complemented by the depth of mint and a slightly tangy, refreshing lemongrass. To unveil the full spectrum of intriguing flavors, we recommend preparing Verde Mate Sarsaparilla using palo santo vessels.

Sarsaparilla's Benevolent Benefits:

Sarsaparilla has a rich history of traditional use and is believed to offer various potential health benefits, including being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, and supportive of overall well-being.

Savor the Harmony:

Verde Mate Sarsaparilla invites you to savor the harmonious dance of yerba mate and sarsaparilla. Elevate your mate experience with this uniquely spiced and subtly sweet blend.

Verde Mate Sarsaparilla: Where Tradition Meets Taste! 🍃✨