mate frutos del bosque -

Verde Mate Frutos del Bosque 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, hawthorn fruit, wild rose fruit, blackberry leaf, currant fruit, raspberry leaf and natural aroma

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Introducing Verde Mate Frutos del Bosque: A Forest Fiesta for Your Senses!🌿🍓🎉

Step into the enchanting world of Verde Mate Frutos del Bosque, where European forest fruits take center stage in a tropical dance with the vibrant Brazilian yerba mate. Picture it: the lush green mate, nurtured in the wild tropics, mingling with the essence of hawthorn, wild rose, blackberry, and the playful touch of raspberry leaves. It's not just yerba mate; it's a celebration of flavors that guarantees a kick of freshness in every sip!

What’s Inside:

  • Roughly cut leaves of Paraguayan holly (yerba mate) with a hint of stems (max 2%).
  • Hawthorn fruit for a touch of tartness.
  • Wild rose fruit, brings a floral symphony to the mix.
  • Blackberry leaves add a crisp, earthy note.
  • Currant fruit for a burst of sweetness.
  • Raspberry leaves for that extra fruity zing.
  • 100% vegan and a sprinkle of natural aroma magic.

Taste and Aroma:

Crack open the pack, and a burst of freshness envelops you – a sweet and invigorating embrace. Once brewed, the aroma whispers of grandma's homemade jam, invoking cozy memories. The taste is a well-balanced journey – not too sweet, just perfect. The fresh green mate pirouettes with the crisp, flavorful depth of forest fruits. It's the perfect symphony, proving that with the right balance, you can bridge two worlds. This original mix is your ticket to a warm hug or a refreshing chill, delivering energy and revitalization in a sensational flavor palette.

Verde Mate Frutos del Bosque: where the wild meets the fruity, and each sip is a burst of joy. Unveil the forest fiesta in your cup – your yerba mate adventure starts now! 🌿🍓🎉