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Verde Mate Apple and Mint 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, apple, mint, lemon grass, marigold petals, natural apple flavor, natural mint oil

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Introducing Verde Mate Green Apple & Mint 500g: A Fresh Flavorful Fusion 🍏🌿

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the gentle, sun-dried Brazilian yerba mate, succulent apple, and the invigorating essence of mint. From the moment you open the packaging, a delightful aroma transports you to the world of the classic apple-mint beverage bottled with a cap and pull tab.

The Sweetness of Apple:

With 15% of this blend consisting of dried apple, its subtly sweet yet slightly tangy flavor shines through with every infusion.

A Minty Delight:

Alongside dried mint leaves, this composition features natural mint oil, adding intriguing notes that stand out while harmonizing perfectly with the apple's taste and aroma.

The Supporting Cast:

Lemon grass and marigold petals provide the backdrop for the robust apple-mint flavors.

Verde Mate Green: Where Tradition Meets Excellence 🌱

This brand reflects centuries of tradition cherished by those who've dedicated their lives to yerba mate. Brazilian masters from a small plantation in Parana know precisely what makes a great yerba mate.


  • 76.7% yerba mate
  • 15.1% apple
  • Mint
  • Lemon grass
  • Marigold petals
  • Natural apple flavor
  • Natural mint oil

Experience the fusion of sweet apple and refreshing mint, the true essence of Verde Mate Green Apple & Mint! 🍏🌿