The Ghost of Yaguar


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Unlock the Spirit of "The Ghost of Yaguar" Set - Where Laughter Meets Liveliness!

Welcome to the whimsical world of yerba mate, where magic and mirth blend to create "The Ghost of Yaguar" set, a spellbinding ensemble to enhance your mate moments.

Yaguar Energia Guarana Yerba Mate:

All the way from the heart of Brazil, we present you with Yaguar Energia Guarana, an enchanting yerba mate. This isn't your ordinary mate – it's captivating, thanks to the secret spell of guarana. With each sip, you'll feel a jolt of energy, as if the spirit of Yaguar himself is by your side. The package even whispers, "It's so captivating," and trust us, it's not joking!

Yaguar's Ceramic Cup:

Experience the extraordinary with the orange ceramic cup shaped like a whimsical pear, adorned with the Yaguar logo. Let your sips take on a fruity twist, all while you hold this delightful cup in your hands. You won't be able to resist its charm!

Bombilla Mini Artigas 1.5cm:

Every witch or wizard needs the right wand, and in the world of yerba mate, that's the Bombilla Mini Artigas at 15.5cm. This metal straw is here to stir, sip, and make your yerba mate experience even more magical.

Brewing Up Laughter:

The Ghost of Yaguar set is all about laughter and liveliness. It brings a touch of the supernatural to your yerba mate ritual, transforming it into an extraordinary experience. From captivating flavors to enchanting sips, you're in for a delightful adventure.

Summon the Ghost:

Ready to summon the spirit of Yaguar? This set is your key to unlocking the playful side of yerba mate. It's ideal for all occasions, from mischievous gatherings to moments when you need an extra dash of energy.

Unearth the spirit of Yaguar and infuse some humor into your yerba mate sessions. Make each sip an adventure worth smiling about with "The Ghost of Yaguar" set.

The Spirit Awaits:

Ghostly good times are just a sip away. Order your set today and join the playful spirit of Yaguar in every mate ritual.