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Taragui Elaborada 1kg


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Discover the Energy of Taragüi Elaborada Yerba Mate

Taragüi is a renowned brand, beloved in its home country of Argentina and now capturing the hearts of mate enthusiasts around the world. Here's a taste of what this iconic mate has to offer.

🌿 Aromatic Journey:

Opening a bag of Taragüi is a sensory delight. Inhale the fresh scents of lemons, limes, and wholesome wheat bread. The aroma is bright and inviting, with no hint of smokiness. Simple, yet captivating.

🍃 Taste Adventure:

Taragüi is straightforward and honest. Each sip carries a prominent earthy essence, gently accompanied by citrus and tobacco undertones. A subtle smokiness lingers in the background, adding a pleasant depth. You'll also discover hints of toasted bread. However, some drinkers notice a unique note, like chewing on rubber bands, which adds an interesting twist to the flavor profile.

🌡️ Optimal Temperature:

To experience the best taste, aim for a water temperature of around 66-71ºC. Any hotter might result in excessive bitterness.

Energizing Effect:

Where Taragüi truly shines is in its energizing prowess. This mate is a go-to for an energy boost, perfect for jumpstarting your day. It awakens your senses, leaving you focused and alert. For the ultimate energizing effect, savor Taragüi in the morning, but be cautious if consumed later in the day.

Taragüi may be straightforward in taste, but it excels in delivering a robust and immediate energy kick. Whether you're new to mate or a seasoned drinker, Taragüi is a must-try for those moments when you need an extra push to kickstart your day.

Experience the vitality of Taragüi Elaborada Yerba Mate. Try it now and embrace the energy it brings to your life.