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Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada 1kg

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Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada 1kg - Discover the True Essence of Argentine Yerba Mate

Prepare for an authentic journey into the heart of Argentine yerba mate with Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada 1kg. This traditional yerba mate is hand-picked from April to September in the Saint Hilaire plantation, where fertile soils brimming with natural nutrients eliminate the need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Here's what makes Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada truly special:

🌿 Fertile Soil Riches:

Thanks to the lush soils of the Saint Hilaire plantation, Rosamonte grows without artificial chemicals, making it an abundant source of valuable elements. This yerba mate is naturally rich, delivering an unmatched experience.

🌱 Strong and Bold:

The taste of Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada is a testament to its traditional roots. It offers a robust and rich flavor with delicate bitterness and a smoky aftertaste. It features a blend of thick ground leaves and stalks, ensuring you enjoy your mate experience, free from dust-related interruptions.

👃 Aromatic Adventure:

This yerba mate's aroma is moderately sharp and slightly dusty. You'll detect notes of dry wood and hay. While it's made with the barbacuá method, you'll find only subtle smoky notes, making it a well-balanced choice.

Aged to Perfection:

Aged for 12 months, this yerba mate acquires an intriguing beige-gray color, distinctly different from the typical green hues.

🧊 Ideal Temperature:

For the perfect sip, use water at around 70°C (160°F). This temperature allows you to savor the well-balanced and deep flavors that Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada offers.

🍵 Taste Experience:

Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada strikes a beautiful balance between sweetness and light bitterness with a touch of appropriate sourness. It's a deep, classical Argentine mate with woody and doughy notes, resembling black tea. This medium to full-bodied mate is a delightful experience that doesn't disappoint.

👋 Long-Lasting Farewell:

The finish of Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada is not in a hurry. It lingers, inviting you to savor every drop. It's a mate that demands your attention with its long and heavy aftertaste. If you love to take your time and enjoy a mate that doesn't rush, this one's for you.

Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada is a mate that doesn't rush, but it invites you to slow down, savor the moment, and experience a truly authentic taste of Argentine mate culture. Unveil the essence of yerba mate with Rosamonte.