Rosamonte Selecction Especial 1kg


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Rosamonte Selecci贸n Especial 500g - The Ultimate Argentine Yerba Experience

Unlock the secrets of authentic Argentine yerba mate with Rosamonte Selecci贸n Especial 500g. This specially selected holly leaves blend offers an extraordinary taste and a stimulating experience like no other.

馃崅Aged to Perfection:

Rosamonte Selecci贸n Especial undergoes a meticulous aging process, lasting from 12 to 24 months. This careful aging brings out the best qualities in the yerba mate, resulting in a unique and intense flavor profile.

馃尡Balanced and Complex:

This special selection from one of Argentina's most renowned brands is a true masterpiece. It's not a mere improvement but a distinct offering. It's like the refined, introverted sibling of the bold Rosamonte Tradicional. Expect a more balanced, smoother, and aromatic yerba mate.

馃憙Fragrant and Sweet Aroma:

Rosamonte Selecci贸n Especial greets you with a rich, strong, and slightly sweet aroma. It's an olfactory journey with earthy and plum-like notes, typical of Argentine yerba mate brands. Unlike its smoky counterparts, it doesn't have overpowering smokiness, making it appealing to a wide range of palates.

馃尅锔Perfect Temperature:

For the ideal sip, use slightly cooler water at 60掳C to 65掳C. This preserves the delicate flavors developed during aging and prolongs your mate experience.

馃憚Deliciously Balanced:

Rosamonte Selecci贸n Especial is all about balance. It offers a delightful combination of moderate bitterness and sweetness. It's woodsy with a touch of spiciness and fragrance, reminiscent of palo santo wood. It's the kind of mate that's not overwhelming but hits all the right notes.

馃尙锔Smooth and Strong Finish:

This yerba mate delivers a strong and long-lasting finish, with a touch of roasted sunflower seeds in the aftertaste. It's a balanced and smooth mate with a lingering, sweet finish.

Discover the art of Argentine yerba mate with Rosamonte Selecci贸n Especial 500g. It's your passport to a world of flavors and an unmatched mate experience. Elevate your sipping game with this exceptional blend from one of the world's leading yerba mate brands.