rosamonte despalada 500g -

Rosamonte Despalada 500g


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Rosamonte Despalada 500g - The Powerhouse of Yerba Mate

Step into the world of bold flavors and potent energy with Rosamonte Despalada 500g. This Argentine yerba mate is a treat for seasoned mateists and Yerboholicks alike.

🌿 A Potent Experience:

Rosamonte Despalada consists of 90% leaves and a small amount of dust and stems. It's the most robust offering from Rosamonte. It's your go-to choice when you're seeking a kick of energy.

👃 Uniquely Aromatic:

Rosamonte Despalada surprises with its unique aroma. Unlike other Argentine yerba mates, it offers a less smoky scent. Instead, you'll encounter olive oil-like savory notes, along with earthy and plummy undertones. It's a sensory adventure in every sip.

🍃 Balanced and Flavorful:

What's most impressive about Rosamonte Despalada is its balanced taste. It strikes a perfect harmony between pleasant bitterness and sweetness. You'll taste hints of olive oil, tobacco, and black tea, with herbal and woodsy undertones.

👄 Quick and Enjoyable:

Rosamonte Despalada's bold bitterness quickly fades in the aftertaste. This makes it a very drinkable mate, especially if you're a fan of bold and bitter flavors.

🌱 Exclusive Production:

Rosamonte has a long tradition in cultivating and processing yerba mate. This heritage reflects in the characteristic, rich taste of Rosamonte Despalada.

Whether you're a long-time fan of sin palo yerba mates or a former coffee enthusiast looking for a perfect morning drink, Rosamonte Despalada 500g delivers. It's a straightforward, no-nonsense yerba mate that will quickly become your everyday favorite.

Experience the richness and energy of Rosamonte Despalada, and elevate your mate game to a whole new level. It's time to embrace the power of Argentine yerba mate