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Playadito Despalada 500g


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Elevate Your Mate Experience with Playadito Despalada 500g

Experience yerba mate at its finest with Playadito Despalada. This exquisite blend of large yerba leaves with minimal twigs is the result of a legacy that started in 1926 when German immigrants founded the Liebig plantation. Today, their descendants continue the tradition of growing, processing and packaging this perfect herb.

🌿 Pure Leaf Pleasure:

In each 500g package of Playadito Despalada, you'll find only large yerba leaves, with a minimal addition of small twigs. This means a low dust content and a pure mate experience.

🔥 Slightly Smoky, Refined Flavor:

The slightly smoky aroma and the well-balanced flavor with a delicate bitterness and minimal acidity make Playadito Despalada a true connoisseur's choice. It starts with an expressive kick and softens with each subsequent pour.

💥 Invigorating and Refreshing:

With a high content of minerals and antioxidants, Playadito Despalada doesn't just satisfy your taste buds; it invigorates and refreshes your body and mind. It's the perfect pick-me-up when you need a natural energy boost.

Give your mate rituals a touch of elegance and exceptional flavor with Playadito Despalada 500g. This is yerba mate the way it was meant to be enjoyed - pure, rich, and deeply satisfying. ☕🌿