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Playadito 20x3g tea bags


25 tea bags 2g each

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Discover Delicate Pleasures with Playadito Yerba Mate Tea Bags 20x3g

Get ready for a delightful yerba mate experience in the most convenient way possible with Playadito Yerba Mate Tea Bags. Savor the legacy of a brand that thrives thanks to its pioneers and the enthusiasm of generations of dedicated farmers.

🌱 A Legacy of Flavor:

Playadito Yerba Mate hails from the Argentine Cooperativa Agricola de la Colonia Liebig plantation, founded in 1926 by German immigrants. Today, their descendants continue the tradition of excellence. Each cup of Playadito is a tribute to their pioneering spirit.

🍵 A Delicate Beginning:

The taste of Playadito is a gentle introduction to the world of yerba mate, making it perfect for beginners. The flavor slowly gains intensity with each infusion, ensuring that you get the most out of each cup.

🎖️ Exclusive Elegance:

Specially selected and aged for 12 months before reaching your cup, Playadito Yerba Mate is the epitome of exclusive quality. It's the attention to detail that sets this brand apart.

Experience the delicate pleasure of Playadito Yerba Mate with the ease and convenience of tea bags. Start your journey into the world of yerba mate or simply enjoy the flavor you love. It's yerba mate made easy. 🍵🌿