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Kraus Organic Mate Gourmet 500g


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Kraus Organic Mate Gourmet 500g - Elevate Your Yerba Maté Experience!

Introducing Kraus Organic Mate Gourmet, a yerba maté like no other. This high-quality Argentine yerba maté is cultivated organically, dried without any exposure to smoke, and has a low dust content, ensuring an unparalleled drinking experience.

Exceptional Organic Quality:

Kraus Gourmet Organic is a premium yerba maté of select quality, grown organically in Argentina. It's produced using a smoke-free method, ensuring a mild bitterness and a woody flavor with subtle nutty accents.

Luxurious Packaging:

This yerba maté comes in elegant packaging designed to preserve its high quality. This packaging prevents the contents from drying out, retaining the intense aroma, rich taste, and vibrant leaf color.

Medium-Coarse Cut with Minimal Dust:

Kraus Gourmet Organic features medium-coarse cut leaves with a hint of finely ground stems, resulting in a yerba maté with minimal dust content.

Intensely Woody Flavor:

Experience the enticingly intense woody aroma of Kraus Gourmet Organic. It offers a mildly bitter, slightly sweet taste with grainy to mildly nutty undertones.

Certified Quality:

Kraus is a family-owned company committed to producing and distributing yerba maté with BIO and Fairtrade certifications. Their dedication to quality is confirmed by certifications like OIA Organico Certyficado, USDA Organic, and Organico Argentina.

Unique Drying Process:

Kraus yerba maté is crafted using a unique drying system developed by Juan Angel Kraus. This method involves warm air generated from an indirect heat source, resulting in smoke-free products known for their delicate flavor and subtle aroma.

Indulge in the luxury of Kraus Organic Mate Gourmet and experience yerba maté like never before - organic, pure, and unforgettable.