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Guarani Energia Caffeine+ 500g

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Ingredients: 95% yerba mate, 5% guarana extract

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Guarani Energia Caffeine+ Yerba Mate: Wake Up and Power On! ☕💥

Step aside, Guarani Energia; there's a new powerhouse in town! Introducing Guarani Energia Caffeine+, the turbocharged sibling of the classic and highly stimulating Guarani Energia. Brace yourself; this yerba mate blend is not here to play—it's here to kick-start your day with an electrifying boost!

Extra Caffeine Kick

This blend shares its DNA with Guarani Energia, but it cranks up the caffeine to a whole new level. A whopping 5% of this blend is Guarana extract, the caffeine powerhouse. When we say it's strong, we mean it's really strong! Prepare to experience an exhilarating rush of energy that kicks in almost immediately. And here's the best part: it maintains its intensity even after multiple refills.

Warning: High-Octane Energy Inside!

Due to its high caffeine content, we recommend using approximately 20g of yerba mate per serving for a balanced experience. So, sip wisely, and don't be surprised if you find yourself buzzing with energy like never before!


  • 95% yerba mate (leaves, stems, dust)
  • 5% Guarana extract

Flavor and Aroma:

Picture this: the smoky aroma of classic Paraguayan yerba mate intertwined with the fruity essence of Guarana extract, making up 5% of this dynamic blend. As the leaves steep, they release a tantalizing fusion of smokiness and the zesty character of fruit. It's not just a beverage; it's an unforgettable experience. Guarani Energia Caffeine+ may seem unassuming, but it's a true elixir of power in disguise.

Brewing Instructions:

Pour hot water at a temperature no higher than 80°C over your mate for a taste that'll jolt your senses awake!

If you're ready to take your mornings (or any time of day) to the next level, Guarani Energia Caffeine+ is here to provide the spark. Embrace the energy, embrace the buzz, and embrace the bold flavor that only this blend can deliver. Get ready to kickstart your day like never before with Guarani Energia Caffeine+ Yerba Mate! ☕💥