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Guarani Energia 500g

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Ingredients: yerba mate, guarana and guarana extract

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Elevate Your Energy with Guarani Energia Yerba Mate!

Introducing Guarani Energia con Guarana, the extraordinary fusion of two South American powerhouses, brought to you by the renowned EBSA company, the same makers of Selecta yerba mate. This isn't your ordinary mate; it's a symphony of flavors and energy that's ready to awaken your senses.

A Paraguayan Classic with a Kick

At its core, Guarani Energia is a classic Paraguayan yerba mate, known for its bold, bitter kick. But what sets it apart is the energizing addition of Guarana. It's a match made in South American heaven. This blend isn't just good; it's extraordinary. The effects are nothing short of remarkable, delivering long-lasting stimulation from the very first sips, and it maintains its potency even after multiple refills.

A Blend That Awakens the Senses

The flavor and aroma of Guarani Energia are something to behold. Imagine the smoky allure of traditional Paraguayan yerba mate combined with a gentle, fruity twist of Guarana. It's an intriguing combination that adds a layer of surprise to every sip. As your dried mate leaves soak in water, they release a harmonious symphony of earthiness and the refreshing essence of fruit. It's impossible to remain indifferent—this mate demands to be experienced.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Guarani Energia may appear unassuming, but in reality, it's a potion of power. It's akin to the secret elixirs warriors of legends would seek before their battles. Each legendary hero had their "source of power." Now, you can have yours too! With Guarani Energia, you're not just sipping yerba mate; you're tapping into a wellspring of magical energy that'll supercharge your day.

Don't let your daily routine be mundane; let it be powered by Guarani Energia. Embrace the magic, the energy, and the incredible taste that this blend offers. Try it for yourself and discover the warrior within! Unleash your inner power with Guarani Energia Yerba Mate. 💥