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Cruz de Malta 1kg


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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Introducing Cruz De Malta Yerba Mate 1kg: Your Trusted Yerba Mate Companion

You know that dependable friend in your life? The one who always has the perfect advice when you need it? Well, in the world of yerba mate, Cruz De Malta is that friend. With this brand, you never have to second-guess your choice.

Cruz De Malta is a traditional and beloved mate from Argentina, and it's our top recommendation for newcomers. Even best-selling author, Tim Ferriss, loves it. But why, you ask? Well, read further. 

The Sensational Scent

When you open a bag of Cruz De Malta, you'll be greeted by natural scents of earth and soil, subtly balanced by a light sweetness and crisp fruitiness. But the real magic happens when you brew it.

The Perfect Taste

In a world where bold, strong, and bitter yerba mates dominate, Cruz De Malta is a refreshing change. It strikes the perfect balance between too light and too bitter. Cruz boasts a hearty, earthy flavor with pleasant hints of wood and bread. There's also a natural sweetness in the background.

The Traditional Argentine Cut

Cruz De Malta adheres to the classic Argentine cut. The leaves are uniformly medium-cut, accompanied by plenty of white and tan palos (stems). Some stems can be as long as one centimeter, while others are shorter and wider. Don't be surprised to find a good amount of dust – it actually makes preparation a breeze. You might spot the occasional burnt black/brown leaf, adding character to your mate.

A Short But Sweet Cycle

Now, here's the catch: Cruz has a short cycle. It starts strong, bursting with flavor, but takes a dip after a few refills. While one gourd can be rich and flavorful, the next might suddenly seem weaker.

The Energizing Effect

Cruz doesn't give you an instant energy spike. Instead, it provides a steady stream of medium-level energy, an uplifted mood, and improved focus. It's perfect for low-physical activities like reading and writing.

With Cruz, you won't feel jumpy or overwhelmed. In fact, it offers a calming effect, slowing down time and sharpening your senses. It's great any time of day.

In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, if you're new to yerba mate or even an experienced drinker, Cruz De Malta is a reliable choice. Besides its short cycle, there's very little that can go wrong with this mate. Easy to prepare, delicious in flavor, and offering a wonderful overall experience, Cruz De Malta is a brand that checks all the boxes, making it the perfect introduction for beginners and a classic choice for seasoned yerba mate enthusiasts.