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Yerba Mate CBSé Pomelo 500g

Yerba Mate CBSé Pomelo 500g

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Ingredients: yerba mate, pomelo aroma

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CBSe Pomelo 500g: Experience the Tangy Essence of Grapefruit!🍊🍈

Unveil the Refreshing Citrus Symphony:

CBSe Pomelo is an Argentine yerba mate that takes the essence of grapefruit, infusing it into finely ground leaves, twigs, and a touch of dust. While opinions on the CBSe brand may vary, CBSe Pomelo tends to stand out with its enticing flavor that resonates well with many enthusiasts.

Aroma Delight:

Upon opening the packet, a sweet and fruity aroma fills the air. Despite the term "pomelo" translating to grapefruit in Spanish, the scent may offer a unique interpretation, as is common with flavored yerba mate teas. Interestingly, the fragrance becomes more pronounced and pleasant when the mate tea is poured into the gourd.

Taste Exploration:

CBSe Pomelo, finely ground with occasional larger leaves and abundant dust, unfolds its taste gradually. Initial infusions might feel light, with a noticeable bitterness that fades quickly, leading to a taste that some might find a bit 'flat.' The flavor might not have the depth expected, and this could be attributed to potential changes in ingredients from previous versions.

Upsides and Considerations:

CBSe Pomelo presents both positive and less favorable aspects. It might not be an obvious choice for beginners, but with a lighter amount, the experience can be enjoyable. Those who appreciate a bit of bitterness may find it suitable. As CBSe offers a diverse range, exploring their products, including CBSe Pomelo, can be a gateway to new taste experiences. Particularly, CBSe Pomelo shines when enjoyed cold. Prepare it with ice and cold water or juice for a refreshing twist.


  • Yerba mate
  • Pomelo aroma

Embark on a flavorful journey with CBSe Pomelo, where the tanginess of grapefruit meets the rich tradition of yerba mate!