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Bombilla Salvador 19cm

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Bombilla Salvador 19cm - Spoonfuls of Mate Satisfaction

Introducing the Bombilla Salvador 19cm, the mate straw that adds a touch of grandeur to your sipping experience. With its round spoon and three delicate cooling rings, it's like the heavyweight champ of the bombilla world—slightly more massive but oh-so-impressive!

Mate Marvel with a Round Spoon:

Featuring a round spoon, the Bombilla Salvador 19cm is your ticket to effortless mate enjoyment. It's like having a tiny mate spoon built right in, making your ritual even more convenient.

Three Rings of Cooling Comfort:

Not one, not two, but three cooling rings ensure that every sip from the Bombilla Salvador 19cm is perfectly tempered. It's like having your mate served on a silver platter—cool, refreshing, and always on point.

Built to Last:

This bombilla means business. Its robust build feels slightly more massive in your hand, assuring you that it's here to stay. It's like the dependable friend who's always up for another round of mate.

Quality in Every Sip:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Bombilla Salvador 19cm promises quality in every sip. It's like enjoying a fine wine; you can taste the craftsmanship in every drop.

Mate Moments, Elevated:

Whether you're sharing mate with friends or indulging in solitary sipping, the Bombilla Salvador 19cm is your elevated mate companion. It adds that extra touch of sophistication to your mate ritual.

Raise Your Mate Game:

With the Bombilla Salvador 19cm, you're raising the bar on your mate game. It's like upgrading from a regular coffee to a premium blend—unforgettable and satisfying in every way.

Ready for Grand Mate Adventures:

If you seek mate adventures that are nothing short of grand, the Bombilla Salvador 19cm is your trustworthy companion. It's built to handle your most extraordinary mate moments.