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Cleaning brush for bombilla 17cm


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Bombilla Brush - Your Mate's Tidy Little Helper

Introducing the Bombilla Brush, the unsung hero of your yerba mate ritual! At 17 cm long, this trusty tool comes to the rescue when it's time to give your bombilla a good scrub-down. It's like the loyal sidekick to your favorite mate accessories.

What's Under the Hood? The Nifty Features:

  • 17 cm of Cleaning Magic: This brush is the Goldilocks of lengths - not too short, not too long. It's just right for reaching those nooks and crannies of your bombilla.

  • Galvanized Wire Blanket: Sturdy and dependable, it gets the job done without fuss.

  • 4 cm Nylon Cleaning Part: The gentle yet effective cleaning part is made of nylon, ensuring your bombilla stays pristine without a scratch.

  • Fits Most Bombillas: Whether your bombilla has threads or not, as long as it doesn't have an ultra-narrow mouthpiece, this brush is up for the task.

Why You Need It: The Dirty Details:

Yerba mate is all about tradition, but there's no need to embrace the gunk and grime. The Bombilla Brush is here to keep your mate moments clean and hassle-free. It's like having a personal cleaning assistant in your arsenal.

How to Use: The Brush's Ballet:

Using the Bombilla Brush is a breeze. Just insert it into your bombilla, and let it do its dance. The galvanized wire blanket will scrub away any lingering residue, while the nylon cleaning part ensures your bombilla stays in pristine condition.

In a Nutshell:

The Bombilla Brush is your secret weapon for keeping your bombilla squeaky clean. It's like the tidy-up magician of your yerba mate gear, making sure every sip is as pure and refreshing as the first. Say goodbye to the grime, and hello to the perfect mate experience.