Bombilla stainless steel -
Bombilla Straw Artigas 17,5 cm -
Bombilla stainless steel -
Bombilla stainless steel -

Bombilla Artigas 17,5cm


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Meet the Artigas Bombilla: Your Yerba Mate's New Best Friend!

Elevate your yerba mate game with the fabulous Artigas Bombilla. This 17.5cm stainless steel wonder isn't just a mate straw; it's your ticket to a mate-sipping adventure like no other!

Cool & Classy Design:

The Artigas Bombilla is not your average mate straw; it's a fashion statement. With its sleek stainless steel body and two adorable cooling rings, it's the epitome of mate-cooling chic. Who says practical can't be stylish?

Perfectly Versatile:

Small or medium gourd, large cup - you name it; the Artigas Bombilla can handle it! It's your trusty mate companion, ready to dive into your favorite vessel and make your sipping experience unforgettable.

Stainless Steel Durability:

Built to withstand the test of time, this stainless steel bombilla is your mate buddy for life. No need to worry about wear and tear; it's here to stay. Plus, its cooling prowess will keep your mate at that just-right sipping temperature.