Yerbera - Tin Can + Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey 500g


Ingredients: yerba mate, orange peel, marigold petals, cornflower petals, natural flavor

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Get Yerbera Yerba Mate Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey 500g: A Twist of Citrus Elegance!

Unveil your mate enthusiast status with the Yerbera Yerba Mate Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey 500g—a must-have for every mate lover. This metal canister comes equipped with a special dispenser for effortless yerba mate refills, all while sealing in freshness. A household staple in Argentina and Uruguay, we're confident that yerba enthusiasts everywhere will find their joy in this clever companion. The canister holds a generous half-kilogram of yerba mate, and once you've savored the last sip, it's ready for a refill with your favorite blend.

Introducing Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey:

Indulge in Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey, a top-tier yerba mate crafted in reverence to the ancient South American tradition. It springs from holly plants cultivated in diverse, pesticide-free environments, a nod to Mother Nature's wisdom. 

An Original Fusion:

Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey is an original creation in the world of yerba mate. This blend takes inspiration from Yaguar Naranja but adds a unique twist—a captivating aroma of bergamot, a subspecies of orange used in the making of the beloved Earl Grey tea. How does it blend with yerba mate? The result is delightful. 🍊🌿

Taste and Aroma: 😋

Prepare for a refreshing experience! Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey, thanks to its natural bergamot aroma, achieves a deep, multifaceted character. It's not your typical fruity yerba mate. It boasts a fascinating profile that sits somewhere between fruity freshness and the ethereal essence of herbs. 

Ingredients: 📋

  • Yerba mate with stems and the perfect amount of dust for a balanced brew.
  • Orange zest 
  • Marigold petals 
  • Cornflower petals 
  • A touch of natural flavor 

Balancing Bitterness with Gentle Elegance: What sets Yaguar apart? An extended 18-month seasoning period, ensuring it's far from the strongly bitter profiles found elsewhere. However, it retains a hearty caffeine punch. It's the perfect embrace for both winter and summertime sipping. 

Additional Information

Crafted from the leaves of Paraguayan holly plants, growing wild in their untouched forest habitat. No pesticides, artificial fertilizers, or any chemicals in sight—just pure, natural delight. 🌲

Elevate your yerba mate experience with the Yerbera Yerba Mate Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey 500g. A touch of citrus elegance awaits! 🍃🍊✨