Yerba Mate Yaguar Coconut 500g


Ingredients: 87.15% yerba mate, 8% coconut flakes, marigold petals, lemongrass, hawthorn flowers, and coconut flavoring.

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Get Ready to Sip Sunshine with Yerba Mate Yaguar Coconut 500g!

Crafted with Tradition:

Yaguar is more than just yerba mate; it's a piece of South American tradition crafted with care. Grown in diverse ecosystems without any nasty chemicals, these leaves and stems undergo a traditional drying process. But what sets Yaguar apart? It's the 18-month seasoning journey that transforms it into a masterpiece, harmonizing all those botanical wonders into one flavorful blend.

Coconut Paradise in Your Cup:

Prepare your taste buds for a coconut extravaganza! As soon as you crack open the pack, the tantalizing aroma of coconut greets you, promising a flavorful experience. With each sip, indulge in the creamy richness of coconut that takes center stage amidst the Brazilian yerba mate, lemon grass, marigold petals, and hawthorn flowers. And let's not forget the visual feast – those generous coconut flakes dancing with vibrant green leaves and golden marigold petals. It's a carnival of flavors and colors in every cup!

Versatile Enjoyment:

Whether you're craving a hot brew or a refreshing tereré on a scorching day, Yaguar Coconut is your go-to companion. Its intense flavor ensures that each serving is a delightful experience, perfect for coconut enthusiasts and anyone looking to add a tropical twist to their mate ritual.