Yerba Mate La Merced de Campo Sur 500g


Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

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La Merced de Campo Sur 500g - Your Ticket to Yerba Mate Heaven!

Let's embark on a flavor adventure with La Merced, the yerba maté that's as classic as a tango dance but way tastier!


From the moment you open its shiny aluminum bag, La Merced de Campo Sur presents itself with a distinct lime note, sharp and bright. Upon brewing, it surprises you with a delightful aroma of freshly baked bread, inviting you to take that first sip.


La Merced de Campo Sur delivers a classic traditional yerba maté taste that's both familiar and exceptional. It's a symphony of grassy and earthy flavors, complemented by a pleasant woodiness and subtle honey undertones, reminiscent of Playadito. As you progress through the mate, hints of floral notes emerge, creating a well-balanced flavor profile that dances on your palate. Not too weak, not too strong, La Merced de Campo Sur strikes the perfect balance.


La Merced de Campo Sur offers a well-rounded effect, combining energy, calmness, and focus without the dreaded crash. It's ideal for relaxation and winding down after a long day. While it can help you stay productive, this is a mate best enjoyed when you're seeking a moment of tranquility and connection.

La Merced de Campo Sur is more than just a yerba maté; it's a journey to the heart of Argentine culture and tradition. Embrace the flavors of the native lands with every sip of La Merced.