Yerba Mate Green Coffee Toasted 400g


Ingredients: toasted yerba mate, ground green coffee, crushed cocoa beans, coconut shavings, Milky Oolong tea, natural coffee flavor

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Introducing the Yerba Mate Green Coffee Toasted - Where Mate Meets the Aroma of a Coffee Haven!

☕️ Royal Roast:

Behold the queen of Yerba Mate! This toasted mate blend reigns supreme with medium-cut leaves, a hint of twigs, and a touch of enhancers to amplify its aromatic character. It's the kind of yerba mate that rules with a gentle flavor and a delightful note of coffee and cocoa. Pro tip: Brew it in warm milk for an indulgent experience!

🥛 Mate de Leche Magic:

For a cozy experience, try it with hot water and condensed milk. Sprinkle in some cinnamon and ginger for that extra kick. Sweeten the deal with brown sugar, honey, or agave syrup. It's a taste journey you won't want to miss.

A Symphony of Flavors:

This yerba mate is a flavor symphony - from the seductive coffee aroma to the multi-dimensional depth with each sip. It's not just yerba; it's an extraordinary experience.

🌿 Dust-Free Delight:

With 95% leaves and 5% twigs, this mate is a dust-free delight. The aroma is enchanting, with a noticeable cocoa nuance that makes every sip a fragrant escapade.

🌈 Ingredients Dance:

Yerba mate from Brazil takes the lead, joined by 2% ground green coffee, crushed cocoa beans, coconut shavings, Milky Oolong tea, and the natural aroma of coffee. It's a dance of flavors in every cup!

Brew, sip, and let the Yerba Mate Green Coffee Toasted transform your mate time into a royal coffee rendezvous!