Yerba Mate El Pajaro Afrodisiaco 400g


Ingredients: yerba mate, lemongrass, sarsaparilla root, elderberry fruit, licorice root, coconut flakes, orange zest

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Introducing Yerba Mate El Pajaro Afrodisiaco 400g – A Passionate Paraguayan Blend!

Unique Blend, Unmatched Flavor:

El Pajaro Afrodisiaco, a unique blend of traditional Paraguayan yerba mate enriched with the essence of sarsaparilla root and a medley of fruity and herbal elements. This extraordinary concoction includes orange zest, coconut flakes, aromatic licorice, lemongrass, and the tantalizing touch of sarsaparilla root, which has been traditionally associated with aphrodisiac properties.

Why El Pajaro Afrodisiaco?

  • A Natural Energy Boost: Experience a potent kick of natural energy with every sip.
  • Perfect for All: Ideal for seasoned mate connoisseurs and those seeking a gentle pick-me-up.
  • All-Natural Goodness: Cultivated by skilled Paraguayan forest harvesters, it's roasted to perfection.
  • Rooted in Tradition: Grown in mineral-rich soil and processed following centuries-old Paraguayan mate traditions.
  • Carefully Packed: Each package is handled with care, ensuring it's free from contaminants.
  • Flavorful Adventures: Whether enjoyed traditionally warm or as a refreshing tereré, El Pajaro promises a flavor-packed journey.

Unleash your passion for mate with Yerba Mate El Pajaro Afrodisiaco. Taste the blend, feel the energy, and make a difference with every sip.