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Analog Thermometer with Protective Cover: Versatile Temperature Monitoring

Introducing our Analog Thermometer, featuring a swivel indicator and a temperature range of 0°C to 100°C. It comes with a protective cover that safeguards the thermometer from mechanical damage.

Durability and Reliability:

This thermometer is exceptionally robust and resistant to mechanical damage, ensuring it stands up to frequent use.

Ideal for Every Occasion:

Whether you're a budding mate enthusiast looking to check your water temperature for the perfect brew (around 70-80°C), or a kitchen aficionado, this thermometer is your trusty companion.

Precise Measurements:

With a 2.5 cm reading diameter, a 3.8 mm sample diameter, and a 13.5 cm sample length, you can expect accuracy and ease of use.

Upgrade your temperature-monitoring game with our Analog Thermometer. It's a versatile tool that can meet your needs both in the world of mate and in your culinary adventures.