The Dual Pleasure Thermal Set


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Indulge in the Ultimate Yerba Mate Experience with Our Green Dual Pleasure Thermal Set!

Unlock the full potential of your yerba mate journey with our Green Dual Pleasure Set — a carefully curated ensemble that blends taste, style, and convenience. Let’s dive into the heart of this exquisite collection:

1. Yerba Mate Green Dual Pleasure (400g):

Experience yerba mate like never before with our Green Dual Pleasure blend. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Brazil, this blend features dried Paraguayan holly leaves, complemented by the delightful notes of hawthorn fruit, pomegranate seeds, burdock, Damiana leaf, maca, and a touch of natural aroma. Elevate your mate ritual with a symphony of flavors.

2. Thermal Cup (Green, 300ml):

Keep your mate hot or cold with our vibrant Green Thermal Cup. With a generous capacity of 300ml, it’s your perfect companion for on-the-go sipping. Crafted for comfort and style, this cup adds a touch of elegance to your daily mate routine.

3. Thermal Bottle (Green, 700ml):

For those who crave more, our Green Thermal Bottle steps in. With a larger capacity of 700ml, it ensures you stay refreshed throughout the day. Whether you're heading to work or hitting the trails, this bottle keeps your mate at the perfect temperature.

4. Bombilla Rosario (19cm):

Say goodbye to disposable straws and embrace the durability of our stainless steel Bombilla Rosario. At 19cm in length, it’s the perfect mate for your mate, ensuring every sip is as pure and satisfying as the last. Ditch the plastic and opt for a sustainable, long-lasting solution.

Why Choose Our Green Dual Pleasure Set?

  • Flavorful Journey: Immerse yourself in the rich, diverse flavors of our Green Dual Pleasure blend.
  • On-the-Go Comfort: The Thermal Cup and Bottle cater to your mobile mate moments, keeping your beverage just the way you like it.
  • Sustainability Matters: Make an eco-friendly choice with our durable Bombilla Rosario and contribute to a greener planet.

Elevate Your Mate Moments:

Ready to redefine your yerba mate experience? Our Green Dual Pleasure Set is designed for enthusiasts who seek not just a beverage but a lifestyle. Embrace the flavor, and relish the convenience — order your set now and embark on a journey of pure mate pleasure!