Rosamonte Connoisseur Traditional Set + gratis


1x Rosamonte Traditional 500g
1x Rosamonte Bombilla
1x Linen bag for bombilla

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Rosamonte Traditional Connoisseur Set + Gratis

Immerse Yourself in Argentine Tradition

Embark on a flavorful journey into the heart of Argentine yerba mate with the Rosamonte Traditional Connoisseur Set. This exclusive bundle features 500g of Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada yerba mate, a beautifully crafted bombilla adorned with the iconic Rosamonte brand decor, and a complimentary linen bag for your bombilla. It's the perfect set for both seasoned yerba mate enthusiasts and newcomers eager to explore authentic flavors.

What's Inside the Set?

  1. Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada 500g: Hand-picked from the fertile soils of the Saint Hilaire plantation, Rosamonte Traditional is a robust and rich yerba mate that offers a delicate bitterness and a smoky aftertaste. This traditional yerba mate is naturally rich in valuable elements, thanks to its cultivation without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. With a blend of thick ground leaves and stalks, it ensures a smooth mate experience free from dust.

  2. Crafty Bombilla: This 19 cm bombilla, crafted from high-quality stainless steel (Acero Inox 18/8), features a detachable filter for easy cleaning. Designed primarily for medium-cut Argentine yerba mate, it can also handle finer cuts with a bit of practice. The elegant Rosamonte brand logo on the cooler adds a touch of sophistication to your mate rituals.

  3. Gratis Linen Bag: As a special bonus, this set includes a stylish linen bag to store your bombilla. Practical and elegant, it ensures your bombilla stays clean and is always ready for use.

Key Features

  • Rich and Robust Flavor: Rosamonte Traditional offers a bold taste with a delicate bitterness and a smoky aftertaste, perfect for those who appreciate a deep, classical Argentine mate.
  • High-Quality Bombilla: Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this bombilla is both durable and easy to clean.
  • Stylish and Practical: The included linen bag adds convenience and style, making it easy to carry your bombilla wherever you go.

Why Choose Rosamonte Traditional Connoisseur Set?

  • Authentic Argentine Experience: Delve into the rich tradition of yerba mate with Rosamonte's expertly crafted products.
  • Perfect for All Levels: This set provides everything you need for a premium mate experience, whether you're a seasoned mate drinker or just starting out.
  • Great Gift Idea: With its beautiful presentation and practical accessories, this set makes an excellent gift for any yerba mate enthusiast.

Savor the Tradition

Rosamonte Traditional Elaborada strikes a beautiful balance between sweetness and light bitterness with a touch of appropriate sourness. It's a deep, classical Argentine mate with woody and doughy notes, resembling black tea. Aged for 12 months, it delivers a well-balanced and deep flavor, inviting you to slow down and savor every drop.

Experience the essence of Argentine yerba mate with the Rosamonte Traditional Connoisseur Set. Elevate your mate game and embrace the rich tradition of Rosamonte today!