Calabash Negro 180-220ml


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Tags: new organic

Introducing the Calabash Negro 180-220ml - Embrace Tradition, Naturally!

Sip from Nature's Embrace:

Enter the realm of mate with our Calabash Negro, a 180-220ml cup handcrafted from natural gourd, straight from the embrace of Mother Nature. It's not just a cup; it's a sip from the heart of the earth.

Negro Elegance:

This timeless calabash boasts a rich black hue, reminiscent of the earth's deepest mysteries. With its understated elegance, it adds sophistication to your mate ritual. No artificial colors here! Embrace the natural black tone that enhances the authenticity of your mate experience. It's simplicity at its finest.

Simple & Elegant:

The Calabash Negro embodies understated beauty. Its simplicity speaks volumes, while its elegance is undeniable. Feel the harmony as you cradle this calabash; it's not just a vessel but a trusted companion on your mate journey. Let it be a part of your moments of contemplation, connection, and pure enjoyment.

Fun Fact:

Did you know that each Calabash Negro is a unique work of art? Embrace its quirks and imperfections; they're the hallmark of its journey from nature to your hands.

The Calabash Negro 180-220ml - where tradition meets elegance, and every sip is a tribute to nature's timeless allure. Savor the moment!