Matero Palo Santo Two-Headed Dragon


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Hand Made

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Unveiling the Matero Palo Santo Two-Headed Dragon - Where Tradition Meets Artistry!

🧉 For the Yerba Mate Connoisseurs 🧉

Behold the engraved masterpiece for true connoisseurs! Crafted from the untamed allure of Paraguayan Palo Santo wood, this natural, indigenous Matero is a showstopper. If you're a Yerba Mate lover, this one's for you!

🌳 Wooden Wonder:

Handmade from the aromatic Palo Santo wood, this Matero boasts smooth, sturdy walls and a scent that'll transport you to Paraguay. The wood, still resinous and aromatic, brings a touch of brown elegance to your mate experience. Plus, it's engraved with an aesthetic design inspired by oriental motifs – a true dragon's touch!

🧉 Unique Aromas:

Brew your Yerba Mate in this Palo Santo wonder, and watch the magic unfold. The wood's opalescent charm infuses your mate with a unique, beautiful aroma. It's not just a Matero; it's a sensory journey.

🐉 Dragon Details:

Adorned with a meticulous engraving featuring oriental motifs, this Matero is not just a vessel; it's a work of art. Let the dragon's spirit accompany your Yerba sipping ritual.

🐲 Dragon-Approved Accessories:

Best suited for bombillas between 15 -19 cm, this Matero can hold between 100ml to 150ml of your favorite Yerba Mate concoction. It's not just a Matero; it's a two-headed dragon waiting to enhance your mate experience.

🌍 Natural Wonders:

Crafted from Palo Santo wood, these Materos have a mind of their own. As you indulge in your mate, the wood breathes, expands, and contracts. Embrace the imperfections; they're the signatures of handmade artistry. And remember, these Materos are adorned with oriental motifs - slight irregularities only add to the charm!

🌿 Origin Story:

Straight from the heart of Paraguay, this Matero carries the essence of Yerba Mate culture and the rustic charm of Palo Santo wood.

Embrace the quirks, sip in style, and let the Palo Santo Dragon elevate your Yerba Mate experience to mythical proportions. 🐉