Calabash Passionista 350ml


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Calabash Passionista 350ml: Embrace the Mate Ritual with Passion

Step into the world of true mate enthusiasts with the Calabash Passionista 350ml. This isn't just a gourd; it's a journey to the heart of northern Argentina's mate-drinking culture.

Natural Charm, Unique Character:

Crafted from a natural calabash gourd, each Passionista is uniquely adorned and shaped, showcasing its own natural quirks and occasional imperfections. Embrace the beauty of its handmade craftsmanship, where no two gourds are exactly alike.

Enhance Your Mate Experience:

The Passionista gourd transforms your yerba mate ritual, infusing each sip with a delicate, earthy flavor that only a natural vessel can impart. It's more than a mate cup; it's a testament to tradition and craftsmanship.

Perfect for the True Passionist:

With a generous capacity ranging from 250ml to 350ml, this gourd is ideal for those who savor every moment of their mate experience. It's your companion on relaxing afternoons, inspiring creativity, or simply unwinding with friends.