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       In order for the calabash vessel to serve us for a long time without causing problems it’s necessary to impregnate it. In the Yerba Mate Passionist nomenclature, we refer to that process with the Spanish term curado. The process allow us to properly moistening the vessel in order to strengthen its walls and protect it from cracking or other damage. Lets start!

The gourd should be rinsed well with warm water and filled to 3/4 of its volume with yerba mate. Pour water at a temperature of 75-80 degrees into the prepared vessel and set it aside

After minimum 12h (up to 24h) you can get rid of everything that you have inside, rinse the vessel and use a teaspoon to gently scrub what is left from a fruit.


that’s the most important thing to remember not only when you are performing curado but also in a daily use. you have to be aware that calabash is organic so can get moldy if you leave soaked yerba grounds inside for days. 

Most of the gourd dishes are naturally colored and decorated on the outside and may fade at first. It is better to use curado on a plate to avoid possible discoloration on the furniture.

During the first few uses, we can observe a natural phenomenon commonly known as “gourd sweating”. The infusion condenses on the outer lower walls of the gourd, which is nothing to worry about. When the pores of the vessel close together, this phenomenon will pass.

Gourd/calabash before curado 

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